Buddhist Teachings from Hidden Yoginis

by programme manager on 16/02/2017

Date(s) - 16/02/2017
7:00 pm - 8:30 pm

Enlightened women Buddhism Bristol

Perry Boathouse

Stories, meditation practices, and life teachings from a tradition of enlightened women, introducing 4 important Tibetan yoginis: Yeshé TsogyelMachig LabdrönJomo Menmo, and Aro Lingma.

These teachings are practical and highly applicable, yet tremendously profound – being conveyed as interpenetrating layers that each person understands according to their needs and previous experience. This tradition is principally concerned with transforming our experience of everyday being, rather than achieving an esoteric or spiritualised mode of existence, the aim being to engender cheerful courage, perceptive consideration, sincere determination, natural gallantry, graciousness, creativity, and spaciousness. And it’s not just for women – all teachings and practices are applicable to everyone everywhere.

“The teachings of Aro Lingma are vibrantly concerned with exploding the banality of commonplace existence, through taking everyday life as the basis of practice. Vajrayana is often seen as something apart from life – but the essential meaning of Vajrayana lies within every aspect of existence. If this knowledge cannot be found in the market place – it is unlikely to be found in a monastery.”
Khandro Déchen

Cost £7.50 per class, concessions available.

Taught by Métsal Wangmo.

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