Aro Ling red shelvesAro Ling Buddhist Centre – Cardiff
above Chambers Estate Agents
35 Merthyr Road
Cardiff CF14 1DB (access from car park at rear)
07092 010756


Aro Ling Cardiff is a Buddhist Centre in the Aro gTér Lineage in the heart of Whitchurch Village.

Aro is a Tibetan Vajrayana Buddhist tradition concerned with transforming our experience of everyday being. We aim to engender cheerful courage, perceptive consideration, graciousness, sincere determination, creativity, natural gallantry, and spaciousness.Our teachers are not monks or nuns, but rather ordained Tantrikas who live quite ordinary lives. Aro teachings come to us from a lineage ofenlightened women, including a female Tantric Buddha, Yeshé Tsogyel, and the visionary Lama, Aro Lingma.The Vajrayana path is suited to those who use their everyday circumstances as the path to realisation and who appreciate humour.We offer meditation, relaxation, evening courses, therapy and occasional weekend events.